Basic Colors

Terra Black Sage Grey Beige
White Lavender Pink Ambrosia Teal
Cafe Yellow Blue Olive Aqua

Basic Patterns/Field Tiles

Limestone - Grey Midnight - Blue Speck - Ambrosia Stripe - Lavender Tiny Stripe - detail

Pattern Level 1

Mogi - Olive New - Black Ragged Stripe - Terra Rain Rainbow - detail

Scatter Stripe Solar Stripe New Squares***** Tweed - Pink Ossie Oz
Bezak* Carved - Grey Couva White**    

Pattern Level 2

Mosaic - Beige**** Fruit Lemon &Pepper Nativo - Pink  

* Bezak, Rain, Rainbow, Fruit, Lemon & Pepper, Solarare only available only as shown.

** Couva is available with white or black background with multi color pattern shown.

**** Mosaic available only with beige or grey backgrounds.

***** New Squares only made with black, blue, olive, or terra backgrounds.


Boy #1 Boy #2 Boy #3 Boy #4 Boy #5 Boy #6
Girl #1 Girl #2 Girl #3 Girl #4 Girl #5 Girl #6


Barracuda Head Barracuda Tail Snapper Tail Snapper Head Crawfish Tail Crawfish Head Colorful Head Colorful Tail
Head Down Doctor Flounder Gulp Colorful Doctor Colorful Gulp Cactus Clouds
Lighthouse Bluebonnets Cowboy Hat Scorpion Tornado Capital Longhorn Bat

Guitar Snake Lizard Tiger Zebra Tucan Turtle Giraffe